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The Directors of Australian Pest Bird Management Pty Ltd are Jim Woods and Theo Nennas. Jim and Theo are licensed and each have over 30 years experience dealing with pest birds and their expertise has been recognised with a number of awards.

Unlike most other pest control businesses, all we do is control pest birds.

Our specialisation in dealing with pest birds means that you can trust us to do the job properly, first time, every time.

With over 30 years experience
We have the strategies to eradicate
your Pest Bird problems.

Our Fantastic Team

We are licensed to provide pest bird management services to commercial and industrial premises in NSW and ACT.

Jim Woods

Managing Director / Technician

Theo Nennas

Operations Manager / Technician

100% Satisfaction

With over 30 years experience in dealing with pest birds we have been recognised with numerous industry awards.

Pest Bird Identification

Use our handy online guide to easily identify pest birds and to see if we can help with eradication.

Ongoing Management

We offer several pest bird management options for you to choose from to ensure problem areas are free from pests.

Tailored Solutions

We carry out thorough site inspections and evaluate a suitable solution for your pest bird problem.

Trusted Expert Support

We are so confident of you being satisfied with our work that we wont charge until you are happy with our results.

Free Quotations

Our obligation free quote service will identify if you have a pest bird problem in your commercial or industrial building.

Did you know?

Build-ups in gutters of old nests, droppings and carcasses from pest birds cause exactly the same problems as a build-up of leaves.

The stormwater drains leading out of the gutters become blocked, meaning that rainwater has nowhere to go except back inside the building. This then causes water damage to internal ceilings and walls, leading to eventual collapse.